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Who we are?

Tedrail, located in the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, on the beautiful Yangtze river, is specialized in railway products for a long history. We have a professional technical and quality assurance team, well understanding of international railway products standard or specification, expert in design, manufacture, and inspection for railway products. Our range of products is widely acknowledged by our customers because of its quality and effectiveness.

What we can provide?

We can provide a wide range of railway products, from a small part to the whole system. We can select a suitable product for you base on your requirements, or we can customize for you base on your drawings and designs. We can provide complete and satisfactory services throughout life cycle of the product. We will try to make whatever you need!

Complete Solutions

  • Complete Solutions for Vehicles

    • Freight car
    • Open-top car
    • Box car
    • Ballast hopper car
    • Grain hopper car
    • Fleet container flat car
    • Bottom depressed double-deck container flat car
    • Bow-backed double-deck container flat car
    • Container flat car
    • Tank car
  • Complete Solutions for Bogies

    • Gauge:
    •    Meter Gauge, 1000mm
    •    Narrow Gauge, 1067mm
    •    Standard Gauge, 1435mm
    •    Broad Gauge, 1520mm,1676mm
    • Axle Load:
    • 14T, 16T, 18T, 20T, 21T, 23T, 25T, 30T, 35T
    • Customized
  • Complete Solutions for Wheelsets

    • Freight wagons
    • Passenger wagons
    • Lovomotives
    • Trams
    • Diesel-electric trains
    • Narrow gauge trains
    • Special vehicles for rail maintenance
  • Complete Solutions for Coupler and Draft System

    • AAR Type, includes E Type coupler, E/E coupler, F type coupler, H type coupler
    • SASKOP coupler system
    • Willison Type, SA-3 Russia Type coupler.
    • MCA-PH
    • UIC Type: Screw Coupler
  • Complete Solutions for Brake System

    • TB Air Brake System- Chinese Railway Standard
    • AAR Air Brake System- American Association of Railway
    • UIC Air Brake System- International Union of Railways
    • ROA Air Brake System- Australian
    • MRD Air Brake System- GOST Standard for CIS

Spare and Accessory Parts

Apart from complete solutions, Tedrail can also provide single parts for you.

  • Freight car
  • Open-top car
  • Box car
  • Ballast hopper car
  • Grain hopper car
  • Fleet container flat car
  • Bottom depressed double-deck container flat car
  • Bow-backed double-deck container flat car
  • Container flat car
  • Tank car

Maintenance and Repair

Tedrail is now dedicated to the maintenance and repair of various types of air brake systems, covering TB brake system (China),ROA brake system (Austria), MAC brake system(AAR), MRD brake system (GOST), MUB brake system (UIC). Tedrail has a professional team committed to repair air brake systems. Backed by the state-of-the-art equipment, the system will be evaluated and detected to find out the failure cause. An appropriate repair strategy will be provided quickly to return the damaged system to service, maintaining high quality and efficiency. In order to maintain the stability and to prolong life cycle, Tedrail can also have your braking system serviced regularly. We have the ability to clean, lubricate and commissioning for your braking system. Both the complete system and separate parts can be repaired and serviced.


Apart from products of high quality, Tedrail can also offers all services demanded by customers to cover their desires when our products are in operation. That means, when you buy Tedrail products you always get the services you want for the whole product lifecycle.

Pre-sale Services

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact with us. We have professional customer service representative, who will answer whatever you want to know about our products. We can offer you complete and sound pre-sale advice services:

Order Tracing

When you place an order, we will prepare a detail schedule showing every step till you obtain the product. We will inform you at the beginning of each step and show you some pictures and information in the end. You will be well-known of every step and be worry-free about your products. We aim to give you a complete and satisfactory follow-up service.

After-sale Service

Tedrail has long-standing experience in providing after-sale services for all types of railway products, not only for those manufactured by Tedrail, but also for those made by other manufacturers.

Upgrade and Modernization

To conform to the trend of the times and the development of modern technology, Tedrail will offer upgrades to products we supplied.

  • To implement possible new functions
  • To improve safety and availability
  • To lower maintenance cost
  • To extend product life cycle

Upgrade and Modernization

Tedrail welcomes any complaints and feedback about products and services we offered. We will continuously improve our products and services base on your complaints and advices.