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As for the heavy haul coal service, Tedrail supply the F type Rotary Couplers which could together working with F type fixed coupler for dumping application.

Type of F Rotary Coupler

AAR standard FR209E type and Chinese Standard FCR16 type could be supplied.

Casting Material:

Material of type F rotary coupler body, knuckle and locks are AAR M-201 Grade E steel, which are casted by alloy steel and heated treated as quenching and tempering. Letter E will be casted on the product body indicates the material AAR Grade E. There also have the case required more strong material as AAR M-201 Grade E+. Using Grade E+ for coupler body and coupler knuckle will improve the coupler material tensile strength.


Type “F” rotary coupler should be interchangeable with type F coupler. Production and specification should meet the requirement of AAR specification used for type F coupler.

Connection Parts

Yoke: Y45AE – AAR S-149

Follower: Y46AE

Yoke Pin: Y47 – AAR M-118

Rotating sleeve