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Type F Featured as interlocking coupler is equipped with the F design head, the F design shank and butt end. It has a higher tensile strength than Type E couplers and has larger knuckles. They are bottom shelved and can have a top shelf as well. They can be identified by the interlocking feature to prevent couplers from disengaging during a derailment, improved from Type E and E/F design.

Several features are added include followings:
  • Less small contour slack and control of vertical interface movements reduced the wear of the coupler head surfaces, extending the knuckle service life. F coupler has only 3/8 inches of contour slack when linked by two new couplers, compared with the Type E and Type E/F as 25/32 inches, it will result in the improvement of the vertical dynamic mechanical performance of coupler, reduction of the vertical impact of two couplers and extension of the working life of wagon and its parts.

  • Improved the performance of wagon when running at the curved rail track and automatic center alignment. Using the shank butt alignment shoulders assist in keeping the coupler centered and car aligned automatically under heavy duty load when running at the curved rail track.

  • Vertical round pin connection and spherical butt end will make more convenient for assembly than the E coupler Cross Key structure, and also improve the running performance at curved rail track.

  • More reliable lock lift mechanism: two types of anti-jumping function integrated in the lock lift will keep the coupler locked securely.

  • Frontal interlocking mechanism at the coupler head can improve the coupling strength, and protect the knuckle and transmit the force to assist in dumping the wagon.

  • Frontal bottom support shelf is preventing happen of disconnecting of coupler from falling to the railroad and thereby becoming a serious derailment accident.

Variation of Type F Coupler

To meet varied wagon requirement, Type F couplers may be equipped with variant coupler shank designs and special features.

Table lists
Coupler AssemblyParts

BodyKnuckleLockThrowerKnuckle PinRotary lockliftSingle RotorDouble RotorTop lockliftShelf & Shank

17" shank
17" shank

E6A17" shank

17 1/4" shank, Top Shelf
17 1/4" shank, Top Shelf

48" shank
48" shank

48" shank

48" shank

31" shank, Top shelf

31"shank, Top shelf

Casting Material:

Material of type F coupler body, knuckle and locks are AAR M-201 Grade E steel, which are casted by alloy steel and heated treated as quenching and tempering. Letter E will be casted on the product body indicates the material AAR Grade E. There also have the case required more strong material as AAR M-201 Grade E+. Using Grade E+ for coupler body and coupler knuckle will improve the coupler material tensile strength.


All variation of type F coupler should be interchangeable, and have the No. 10-A contour at coupler mating lines. Coupler Contour should meet the requirement of AAR
S-117 specification.

Coupler Operating:
  • Single Rotary Bottom Operating

  • Double Rotary Bottom Operation

  • Top Operating

Unless specified on the order, F coupler will be fitted as Single Rotary Bottom Operating type.

Connection Parts
  • Yoke: Y45AE – AAR S-149

  • Follower: Y46AE

  • Yoke Pin: Y47 – AAR M-118